[Mondrian] Declaring war on DynamicSchemaProcessor... fixing localization and access control

Jake Cornelius jtcornelius at pentaho.com
Wed Jan 9 10:57:47 EST 2013

Localization resourced by properties files!  Love it!

In thinking about this problem, we've also seen clients who have translations in columns of their dim tables... something to think about

From: Julian Hyde
Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2013 3:02 PM
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Subject: Declaring war on DynamicSchemaProcessor... fixing localization and access control

Pentaho architects, Mondrian developers,

I've been doing some spiking on dynamic roles (i.e. access-control for multi-tenancy) and localization.

(Sorry, I'm way off sprint... but these are crucial architecture changes, would be better in before 4.0, and have a lot of coding energy having spent too long on the book. My hunch that these would be "fairly easy" was correct, and I've achieved a lot in 2 days.)

Here are the pertinent issues:




The common theme here is dynamic schema processors. DSPs are the architectural equivalent of a lump hammer. They are difficult to write, difficult to maintain, and screw up Mondrian's cache. In Mondrian 4, you will still be able to use DSPs for these and any other use purpose that tickles your fancy, but these features will give you a better way that works better with Mondrian's cache etc. etc.

I have done initial spikes, but nothing is set in stone. The spec can still be changed. If you have an opinion about multi-tenancy and localization, now is the time to chime in.

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