[Mondrian] Drillthrough column order

Matt Campbell mcampbell at pentaho.com
Tue Feb 26 10:15:05 EST 2013

Is there a "correct" order that drillthrough columns should come back in?  Currently they come back somewhat arbitrarily in the order they appear in the constrained column bitkey.

If a RETURN statement is present it could be argued they should appear in exactly the order in the RETURN.  E.g. City should come before month in the query below.  Analysis Services appears to honor that ordering, but Mondrian does not.  With no RETURN statement, though, it's not clear whether there should be any specific order expected.

    SELECT {[Measures].[Unit Sales]} on columns
    from [Sales]
    where ([Promotions].[One Day Sale],
        [Store].[Store City].[Walla Walla],
        [Product].[Product Category].[Bread])

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