[Mondrian] DimensionUsage and captions

Paul Stoellberger p.stoellberger at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 19:27:40 EST 2013


I was just trying to fix an issue a number of people were complaining about in mondrian.
When using DimensionUsage it doesn't apply the expected caption, which would be the name of the DimensionUsage in this case.

I didn't know you could set the caption attribute in DimensionUsage as well

  <DimensionUsage name="StoreUsage" caption="StoreUsage" source="Store" foreignKey="store_id"/>

This works just fine.

However, like most people I would expect the caption of a DimensionUsage to be the name of the Usage and not the underlying Dimension.
This is due to the constructor of RolapCubeDimension (the description part seems a bit odd.. checking cubeDim.caption != null instead of description)

Do you agree that the DimensionUsage caption should be the name in case it is not set explicitly?


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