[Mondrian] Illegal access to members of hierarchy error

Dejan Gambin dejan.gambin at coin.hr
Tue Dec 3 05:01:47 EST 2013


I am struggling with it for a couple of days. I thought about reporting on JIRA but not sure it's a bug, so maybe someone can help

I have a dimension with one parent-child hierarchy. Closure table is created in Kettle with closure generator and everything seems ok. But queries involving crossjoin of this hierarchy members (All member works ok)  with any other dimension/members raises "MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Internal error: Illegal access to members of hierarchy my_parent_child_hierarchy" error. 

The error seems to be related to role access but I have a role with all the privileges to all the cubes in schema. The most interesting thing - when I set mondrian.native.crossjoin.enable to false everything works ok (but I can't do that because I have some other crossjoin queries which require this parameter to be true otherwise I get OutOfMemory error).

I have also tried to reproduce the problem with foodmart database (using parent-child hierarchy from Employees dimension) but unfortunatelly I couldn't as it all works ok

I would appreciate any help as this is becoming pretty critical to me

Thanks very much

regards, dejan
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