[Mondrian] Extended drillThrough support on Cell interface

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Tue Aug 27 02:38:26 EDT 2013


Yes, that makes sense. This would be a new method; we would keep the existing "drillThrough()" method for backwards compatibility.

Under the covers, the drillThrough method generates an executes a DRILLTHROUGH MDX statement whose syntax is as follows:

  [ MAXROWS <count> ]
  [ FIRSTROWSET <count> ]
  [ RETURN <memberOrAttribute> [, <memberOrAttribute>... ] ]

If extended=true it would generate a RETURN clause with a larger set of attributes. If you want finer control you can always generate the DRILLTHROUGH statement yourself.

I have logged https://github.com/olap4j/olap4j/issues/11. It should be in 2.0.

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