[Mondrian] Problems with Mondrian 4 and Saiku Plug-in

William Back wback at pentaho.com
Wed Oct 31 17:17:11 EDT 2012

OK - I'm back to a more logical broken status.

I got the latest Saiku plugin snapshot (Oct 31).  It recognizes type="TimeDimension" as I think it should be.  (Some other issues still, but making progress.)

However, the Query definition is failing.  I have the following inside the PhysicalSchema:

    <Query alias="query_customer_geography" keyColumn="CustomerKey">
        <SQL dialect="generic"><![CDATA[
select c.CustomerKey, g.CountryRegionCode, g.StateProvinceName, g.City from dim_customer as c inner join dim_geography as g on c.GeographyKey = g.GeographyKey;

But when the schema loads, I get the following exception message:

Caused by: org.eigenbase.xom.XOMException: In Schema: In PhysicalSchema: In Query: Expecting at least 1 <mondrian.olap.MondrianDef$SQL> but found 0
at mondrian.olap.MondrianDef$Schema.<init>(MondrianDef.java:258)
at mondrian.rolap.RolapSchemaLoader.loadStage0(RolapSchemaLoader.java:231)

I have verified that the query is correct, but this looks more like a validation problem.  Leaving out the ExpressionList causes a different error saying it's an invalid Query.  However, ExpressionList isn't in the MondrianSchema.xml in the latest pull from the Luganitas branch, so perhaps something is missing?  FoodMart.mondrian.xml doesn't use the Query either, so I'm not seeing any examples.

Based on email from Julian I believe this is the correct format.  I've tried all kinds of combinations (even adding a second SQL to see if it was some index error.)  Ideas are greatly welcome.



On Oct 31, 2012, at 1:07 PM, Paul Stoellberger <p.stoellberger at gmail.com<mailto:p.stoellberger at gmail.com>> wrote:

So it is, or is not using the latest version? maven can be a bit weird when pulling snapshot builds. I'll have a look at that


Am 31.10.2012 um 20:59 schrieb Julian Hyde <jhyde at pentaho.com<mailto:jhyde at pentaho.com>>:

On Oct 31, 2012, at 11:59 AM, William Back <wback at pentaho.com<mailto:wback at pentaho.com>> wrote:

I got Saiku to accept the schema, but had to use type='TIME' (all caps).  I'm not getting data now, but will verify that it's not something else in my schema.

Yes, I recently changed it to upper-case, to match the values of olap4j's Dimension.Type enum. (Things are changing fast... sorry you got burned.)


If the schema loads, everything should be OK. Your missing data is probably due to something else.

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