[Mondrian] MONDRIAN-1280 and the behaviour of VisualTotals()

Paul Stoellberger p.stoellberger at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 20:10:48 EDT 2012

Since I'm trying to fix VisualTotals() I would like to know what the desired behaviour is. Especially regarding the order in the set.

MSDN says:
Totals are visually totaled for sets ordered in hierarchy order. If the order of members in sets breaks the hierarchy, results are not visual totals. For example, VisualTotals (USA, WA, CA, Seattle) does not return WA as Seattle, but rather returns the values for WA, CA, and Seattle, then totals these values as the visual total for USA, counting the sales for Seattle twice.

So this means that VisualTotals() will only work if they are ordered. I disagree but I can live with that.
What I don't understand is what happens when I execute it on a set thats Hierarchize(<set>, POST). 

Technically the set is ordered hierarchically, just in the reverted order.
Should VisualTotals work than as expected, summing up the preceding descendants?
If so, can we find out using the Exp[] if a hierarchize was applied and if so in which direction?

I'm a bit surprised that they have designed it that way.
This makes this nice little feature less usable than anticipated.

I assume you want to keep it close to SSAS and stick to the same behaviour?


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