[Mondrian] MonetDB: Mondrian Foodmart Loader, NUMERIC/DECIMAL, and MDX results

Brandon Jackson usbrandon at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 15:19:29 EDT 2012

I was able to load MonetDB with foodmart using the foodmart loader.  I
noticed that when the tables were created some of the columns had the
NUMERIC data type.  Everything loaded correctly.  Any SQL queries that I
issued doing SUM etc through Squirrel and the relevant JDBC driver worked

Mondrian 3.X included with Suite 4.5 issues proper SQL against MonetDB, but
the measure results come back as 0 in every query I tried.

When I changed the data types to DOUBLE or FLOAT, Mondrian's queries
finally show correct results.

Where should I look to understand where this problem is entering the
I don't know why SquirrelSQL receives and shows a table of correct results,
while Mondrian does not.  So far, by process of elimination:

Not at fault:
JDBC Driver (because SquirrelSQL  uses it and gets correct results)
MonetDB (because direct queries work)

At fault:
Mondrian somewhere...

Is this a sound way to look at the problem?
Would running the test suite against MonetDB give sufficient information to
fix this problem?
Is a database dialect what prevents these kinds of issues?

If I can receive a little guidance where to check and what needs to be
done, maybe I can even trace into this issue.


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