[Mondrian] mondrian lagunitas, foodmart, hsqldb & NewFoodMart

Michele Rossi michele.rossi at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 10:59:06 EDT 2012

I have a couple of questions on the FoodMart test database and the new
mondrian lagunitas.

1. I don't see FoodMartCreateData.sql in the demo folder but it's present
in the 3.5 branch.
Does this mean that things have changed in lagunitas and the old foodmart
isn't good anymore?
Or was it simply left behind when the code was branched?

2. Does mondrian lagunitas still have support for hsqldb, specifically for
version 2.2.9?
I am asking because there is no hsqldb folder under /demo but there are
folders for derby and mysql.

I'd like to use mondrian + hsqldb + foodmart as I have done until now to
run our integration tests.

As I have adopted the new olap4j-xmlaserver I also had to try to take the
new mondrian branch for my integration tests as I was getting errors due to
the fact that the old mondrian build was somehow loading classes such as
XmlaUtil from xmlaserver rather than from its own jar.

I am happy to contribute to any of the points above.

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