[Mondrian] PC hierarchy and visibility of MemberReader and MemberSource

damien hostin damien.hostin at axege.com
Fri Nov 30 11:27:00 EST 2012

Sorry for the query, I use it every day and they are familiar to me. But 
as they rely on a french naming convention, it become really obscure 
when we don't know this convention.

I installed foodmart on our postgresql server. Regression tests find 
more bugs than with derby, many queries are not understood by postgresql 
(but that's another story for the moment). I am facing some errors 
(withLocus for example), so it takes some time to prepare a test case in 
this conditions.

I will provide one based on foodmart next week, I hope monday.


Le 29/11/2012 22:27, Julian Hyde a écrit :
> This is too abstract for me, especially with your (obfuscated? or at any rate obtuse) table and column names. It would be much more concrete if you could reproduce it in FoodMart. You said that the employee_id values in FoodMart are conveniently sorted, but I wonder if you updated a few rows you could provide a case that we could reproduce.
> Julian
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