[Mondrian] Problems connecting Mondrian to MonetDB

Pedro Salgueiro pedro.salgueiro at inductiva.pt
Fri Mar 30 13:36:44 EDT 2012

Hi guys!

I have been trying to connect Mondrian with MonetDB, and I am having a 
few problems.

I managed to load the FoodMart into MonetDB using the FoodMartDataLoader 
using the MonetDB JDBC. Then I used the same JDBC to connect Mondrian to 
MonetDB using olap4j with no problems.

The problem is when I run some MDX queries:

If I include a measure which is represented in a column of type 
DECIMAL(10,2), e.g: "Unit Sales", the result only presents 0's(zeros).

Example query:

      [Measures].[Unit Sales] on COLUMNS
      FROM [Sales];


    Unit Sales

Meanwhile, if I use a measure which is represented in a column of type 
INTEGER, e.g: "Sales Count", the results are correct.

I have been debugging Mondrian while using both MySQL and MonetDB, and 
after analyzing the CellSet resulting from executeOlapQuery(query), I 
noticed that in MySQL the values are of type Double, while for MonetDB, 
the values are of type Integer.

It seems that Mondrian is converting DECIMAL(10,2) to Integer, can't 
find where.

Does anyone have a clue of how to solve this problem?


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