[Mondrian] Running the JUnit tests

Patrick Leckey patl at seewind.com
Wed Mar 14 18:17:17 EDT 2012

We're trying to get our CI box to build and test our local working copies of Mondrian, but we're having some issue with the tests.

We run PostgreSQL as a back-end and so we're setting up the tests to run against that.

Currently our Jenkins job executes:
- Drop the current foodmart database
- Run the load-foodmart ant task
- Run the junit-main ant task

This is generating different results from the tests we see run on the public Pentaho CI server.  We get an exception right off the bat (form the PG JDBC driver) saying it can't login as "bogususer".  Then a lot of the output looks similar, and the jobs hang - no processes running on the PG server, but JUnit does not complete.

If we change the junit-main task to the test task, it seems to complete but unlike the 8 failures and 0 errors on Pentaho CI, we get 24 failures and 3 errors.  Checking the PostgreSQL logs, it seems to mostly be SQL syntax errors (and the "bogususer" error).

I do notice the Pentaho CI build runs the tests against MySQL and not PostgreSQL.  Are they designed to only be run against MySQL?  If I threw JBoss on our CI box, could we run them against the Derby DB? (I mostly just don't want to setup a MySQL instance on that box)

test.properties and mondrian.properties are both setup in the Jenkins workspace folder and found by the build, all info in them looks correct (mondrian.test.connectString is picked up, etc.).

This is being run on a clean check-out of //open/mondrian from this morning, no changes at all except to the test.properties and mondrian.properties files.


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