[Mondrian] Mondrian is moving to Github

Patrick Leckey patl at seewind.com
Wed Mar 14 14:47:07 EDT 2012

Cool, keep us updated on the status - GitHub is an awesome tool, but they have their "own way" of doing some things (not necessarily bad, just not normal for Git instances) and I found it easy to get stuck on stuff when I was first using it, especially when I was migrating projects out of SVN.


On 2012-03-14, at 1:14 PM, Julian Hyde wrote:

> On Mar 14, 2012, at 7:08 AM, Patrick Leckey wrote:
>> Just curious why it's going under your personal account instead of an "Organization".
>> For example, olap4php on GitHub is registered under my "pleckey" account, but the URL is github.com/olap4php because I created the repo as an "Organization".  It's how GitHub suggests doing it for an open-source collaborative project, as you can then still keep any of your own personal projects out of the Mondrian light.  Organization accounts are also still free for FOSS projects.
>> If this is the way you planned it cool, not trying to be snippy (I'm told I often come off that way, sorry).  Just been using GitHub a long time and have seen big projects under personal accounts get messy and hard to promote when they're alongside "Personal Website" and projects like that in the same stream.
> Just my ignorance of how people tend to do things on github.
> The project will be under the pentaho organization, https://github.com/pentaho. I'll send out the repo URL when I have one.
> Many thanks for the suggestion. I'll let you know if you're being snippy. :)
> Julian
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