[Mondrian] Mondrian is moving to Github

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Tue Mar 13 19:07:26 EDT 2012

Mondrian developers,

Mondrian is finally moving off of perforce and onto github.

There are plenty of good reasons to move. Git is faster than perforce, allows you to work locally/disconnected, and has big adoption. It is also open source, and www.github.com<http://www.github.com> is a fantastic resource for 'social coding'.

(There were also several good reasons not to move. The last few weeks, preparing for the transition, have been really painful for me personally.)

The repository will be at https://github.com/julianhyde. (There are a couple of repositories on that site right now, but they are experimental, based on test migrations. We will delete them once we have done the final migration. It won't be possible to merge back any forks you have made from these repositories.)

The final migration will be tomorrow or Thursday.

Two action items before the final migration:

1. If you have committed to mondrian, make sure that your email address in your perforce user is correct. Type "p4 user -o" to see it. If the email address is incorrect, github won't be able to pair up historic commits with your github user. (Even if you don't have a github user now, you will be able to create one in future... as long as the email on your perforce user is a valid one.)

2. Kick the tires. Browse one of the repositories at github, download it, and see whether all the code & history is there. If something's wrong, let us know before we do the final migration.


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