[Mondrian] Closure table with a non-primary key relation

Patrick Leckey patl at seewind.com
Thu Mar 8 10:23:32 EST 2012

Hi Mondrian,

In our structure we have a dimension that contains a parent-child hierarchy ("State" - not geographical state, a treatment state) as well as other hierarchies that are contextually related to State.  In our dimension table, State is not a primary key, so when we try to use it with a closure table we end up with an incorrect join generated by Mondrian.

Looking at RolapHierarchy.createClosedPeerDimension(), this is the way Mondrian was designed - it relates the parent column of the closure table to the child column of the unclosed base table, assuming primary keys. 

Would Mondrian be open to a patch that allows us to create closure tables where the primary key of the closure's hierarchy doesn't match the child column of the unclosed table?  It would do so by adding a secondary join through the closure table to the base table, and then joining from the closure table to the primary key.  The new patch would only kick in if the closure tables hierarchy primary key doesn't match the closure child column.  If they do match (as is expected now), behaviour would remain unchanged.


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