[Mondrian] CM performance

Paul Stoellberger p.stoellberger at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 13:22:51 EDT 2012


I have a query that looks like that:

member Measures.P as Measures.Sales / Measures.Quantity

  member Measures.[Price Range] as
IIF( Measures.P is null, null,
IIF( Measures.P < 0.3 AND Measures.P < 0.5, '< 0.30', 
IIF( Measures.P >= 0.3 AND Measures.P < 0.5, '0.30-0.49', 
IIF( Measures.P >= 0.5 AND Measures.P < 0.8, '0.50-0.79', 

select { Measurse.Sales, Measures. Quantity, Measures.[Price Range] } ON COLUMNS,
{ Skus.Skuname.Members } ON ROWS
from [Sales]

now my problem is that mondrian executes a query for each IF statement (or at least execution time increases along with the number of if statements)

is there any better way to do that? why isn't mondrian calculating P and then just running through the if?


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