[Mondrian] Mondrian's FoodMart data set

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Fri Jul 27 17:07:13 EDT 2012

I just removed the FoodMart data set from the mondrian-4 source tree (i.e. the lagunitas branch on github).


The data set is now a jar file, downloaded just like the other jars mondrian depends on, from pentaho's maven2 repository. The zipped .SQL data file and the zipped Microsoft Access database are gone.

Why do this? This change makes the source tree and source distro smaller (now we've removed libraries and data sets to ivy, most of which remains is java files, which compress very well). It makes it easier to add additional data sets (e.g. adventureworks and adventureworks-dw). And it also allows us to share data sets with other projects (e.g. olap4j uses the foodmart data set, but currently has a checked-in copy of foodmart in hsqldb format).

Next time you need to load the FoodMart data set, see loadFoodMart.sh. It contains an example command-line for most common databases.



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