[Mondrian] Rollup Policy erratic behaviour

Rui Gonçalves rui.pinho.goncalves at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 06:45:55 EDT 2012


Found some inconsistency on rollupPolicy returned values, here's how to
reproduce my findings (pentaho ce 3.10 - mondrian 3.3 and pentaho ce 4.5 -
mondrian 3.4)

Using JPivot in PUC with Mondrian-One-To-One-UserRoleMapper enabled, I've
made the following modifications to steelwheels.mondrian.xml:

  <Role name="cto">
 <SchemaGrant access="all">
<CubeGrant cube="SteelWheelsSales" access="all">
 <HierarchyGrant hierarchy="[Markets]" rollupPolicy="partial"
<MemberGrant member="[Markets].[EMEA]" access="all"/>
<Role name="Admin">
<SchemaGrant access="all">
 <CubeGrant cube="SteelWheelsSales" access="all">

Refresh stuff and login as suzy

On a new analysis, user suzy (role cto) views a total Quantity for All
Markets of 49578
(select NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Quantity]} ON COLUMNS,
  NON EMPTY Crossjoin(Hierarchize({[Markets].[All Markets]}),
{([Customers].[All Customers], [Product].[All Products], [Time].[All
Years], [Order Status].[All Status Types])}) ON ROWS
from [SteelWheelsSales])

Drilling on All Markets we verify that 49578 is the Quantity value for EMEA
... nice
(select NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Quantity]} ON COLUMNS,
  NON EMPTY Crossjoin(Hierarchize(Union({[Markets].[All Markets]},
[Markets].[All Markets].Children)), {([Customers].[All Customers],
[Product].[All Products], [Time].[All Years], [Order Status].[All Status
Types])}) ON ROWS
from [SteelWheelsSales])

Using Jpivot Olap Navigator (the cube) we remove the Markets dimension from
the Row axis to the Filter axis without defining any filter and save the
analysis on the server. ex: \Steel Wheels\Analysis\Sample
(select NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Quantity]} ON COLUMNS,
  NON EMPTY {([Customers].[All Customers], [Product].[All Products],
[Time].[All Years], [Order Status].[All Status Types])} ON ROWS
from [SteelWheelsSales])

Close the Analysis and reopen it from the solution browser

The returned value for Quantity is 49578 wich is correct. Using the JPivot
Olap Navigator, add the Markets Dimensiont to the Row axis again. Now the
value for [Markets].[All Markets] is 105331 and suzy can view information
that previously had no access to.

Is there a way to workaround this behaviour?

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