[Mondrian] Mondrian OLAP Server + MongoDB

Caio Moreno de Souza caiomsouza at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 13:32:30 EDT 2012

Hi Mondrian List,

Sorry about this question, but maybe you guys can help me with MongoDB.

Can I use Mondrian OLAP Server with MongoDB?

Is it a good idea?

Can I replace my PostgreSQL Datawarehouse for MongoDB?

Is it faster than Star Schema + PostgreSQL?

This year I want to go to *Amsterdam to see all the Pentaho Folks, I went
to Barcelona in 2009, long time ago and it is time to maybe go again.*

If you guys have time see what we did here in Brazil with:

- Brazil Open Data (Obras do PAC Brazil Public Data Source)
- Pentaho BI Server 4.5 CE
- Mondrian
- Saiku 2.3
- Google Maps
- Android
- JavaScript
- jQuery
- HighCharts

An a really small Amazon AWS Instance, sorry about the performance we did
not put a good AWS Instance for this project.

Project Obras do PAC
Youtube Video

Project Link


Caio Moreno de Souza
Celular: 11 7321-4010
skype: caiomsouza
twitter: caiomsouza
blog: http://blog.professorcoruja.com
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