[Mondrian] Mondrian reports different position count than Saiku shows, is this right?

Paul Stoellberger p.stoellberger at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 20:01:42 EDT 2012

thats because we flatten the result and display only the lowest granularity by default.

we just recently introduced an option in saiku where you can change the "formatter" used

you can see the difference here:

using "group by parents" (feature yet to get an icon and proper name) : http://cl.ly/2I1W3Z1D0b1G213d413j
without ("normal" behaviour) : http://cl.ly/0e2P1i1h3c0c2A2c0f0D

you can test that with the latest saiku version from our CI: http://ci.analytical-labs.com or on http://dev.analytical-labs.com

it's not a bug, its a feature ;-)


On Jul 14, 2012, at 1:52 AM, Ian Dalton wrote:

> I am trying to generate tables from queries similar to Saiku's. For a
> certain query, Saiku displays 4 rows, but Mondrian gives 5 for a
> getPositionCount on the rows axis. The extra row gives the totals of the other 4 rows. Is there a simple way to get structured more like Saiku's output?
> I'm attaching a base case demonstration that works with the included
> FoodMart database. The connect string may need to be modified to use the appropriate database.
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