[Mondrian] MONDRIAN-592

Kristopher Kiger kris at digonex.com
Mon Jan 16 15:54:47 EST 2012

While validating queries return values today I ran across an issue that matched this case:


I noted that the bug had been fixed and tried the associated steel wheels test given in the bug report.  It yielded the same result as explained in the bug.  I was able to reproduce it using schema workbench  I moved over to test this under saiku 2.2rc1, which appears to be using a snapshot of Mondrian 3.3.1.  The bug seems to be gone in that version.
Given that the resolution date of the original bug was set at 11/Aug/09, I felt it prudent to ask if the reoccurrence of it in 3.3.0 was a known issue and had been intentionally fixed in the 3.3.1 snapshot.  As usual, thanks for the help!

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