[Mondrian] Using aggregate tables uses too much memory

Monir Hossain mxh8687 at rit.edu
Tue Jan 10 17:07:10 EST 2012

Dear Mondrian Developer,

I have a slight problem. I am trying optimize Mondrian's performance via
the use of aggregate tables. The volume of data we have is pretty large.
After enabling the use of aggregate table with about 25 or so aggregate
tables, the system comes to halt and crashes due to "out of memory". I gave
it 2 GB of ram (that's all i have to work with for now). When not using the
aggregate table it works fine, slow but it works and uses at most half of
it's maximum memory.  I was wondering if you guys could shed some light on
how it is Mondrian caching aggregate tables. I would also appreciate any
other helpful tips on aggregate/performance tuning.

P.S. Currently we have about 3GB database but it's not even .1% of what
we'll have.


Monir Hossain
Software Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology
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