[Mondrian] XMLaServlet

Jean-Francois Croteau jfcroteau at 8d.com
Wed Feb 8 15:06:53 EST 2012

Hi everyone,
	I was using Mondrian 3.2.1 to be able to programmatically define a datasource, by extending the DefaultXmlaServlet, and by using the mondrian.xmla.XmlaServlet.addToDataSources(DataSources) function to pass my programmatically defined datasources. I just updated to Mondrian 3.3.0 (because of the issue http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/MONDRIAN-675), and it seems that everything changed in the API.

Can someone point me what to do to be able to do the same thing? I was looking at DefaultXmlaServlet, and MondrianXmlaServlet, but I can't figure out how to replicate my work without a datasource.xml file, which I cannot do.

Thank you.

Jean-Francois Croteau
jfcroteau at 8D.com

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