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On Dec 27, 2012, at 11:17 PM, liqiyuan312_163 <liqiyuan312 at 163.com<mailto:liqiyuan312 at 163.com>> wrote:

   I find mondrian3.3+ not supporting jpvoit and jpvoit had not been updated for  a long time.
   I am confused which tools to be acted as a presentation layer to the latest version of mondrian ?????????
JPivot still works with all Mondrian 3.x versions (including the latest, 3.5).

It probably will not work against Mondrian 4 unless someone converts it to olap4j. (I hear there is a project to do this: http://blog.desarrolloagil.es/.)

Saiku is another interface for Mondrian. It works well against all versions, including 4.0.

  Also I want to optimize mondrian , but I don't know how to build the source ???????




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