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I would follow the suggestion from the article and use a view with a join to your multivalued table.  From Mondrians perspective it wont exist.  your fact table (really a view) will connect directly to the single valued table.  In the view make sure to multiply the measures by the weight in the multivalued table.
From the article:

When you attach a helper table to a fact table, you can preserve the star join illusion in your end-user interfaces by creating a view that prejoins the fact table to the helper table. The resulting view then appears to have a simple Diagnosis key that joins to our Diagnosis table in the healthcare example. The view can also predefine the multiplication of the weighting factor with any additive facts in the fact table.


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> I read about this concept in this article: http://cali97.blogspot.com.br/2008/06/data-warehouse-structures-bridge-table.html
> After a client ask me about the support mondrian the bridge table!
> http://cali97.blogspot.com.br/2008/06/data-warehouse-structures-bridge-table.html
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> On 06-12-2012 10:29, Kurtis Walker wrote:
>> Can you explain what you mean by a bridge table? I am thinking you might mean snowflake dimensions. And yes, Mondrian supports snowflake dimensions.
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