[Mondrian] Degenerate dimensions and Aggregate tables

Pedro Salgueiro pedro.salgueiro at inductiva.pt
Thu Aug 23 12:47:22 EDT 2012


The cube we are using contains a very simple degenerate dimension which 
only have a single level. We are using this degenerate dimension in all 
our queries and it's not practical to create a fact table for this 
dimension since it would be hard to maintain.

Some of our queries are getting very heavy and we are now starting to 
experiment the use of Aggregate Tables, trying to speed-up these 
queries. After the creating a couple of simple aggregate tables that 
cover some simple MDX queries, we got to the conclusion that if using 
the degenerate dimension in the MDX, mondrian does not uses the 
aggregate tables, otherwise it uses the right aggregate table.

After googling about the problem, we saw a couple of opened mondrian 
issues related to this problem, where Mondrian seems unable to recognize 
degenerate dimension in aggregate tables, completely ignoring them:


Is this still an open issue in Mondrian?
If so, any hint on how to approach the problem and try to solve it?

Pedro Salgueiro
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