[Mondrian] 300 sql queries on a 'simple' query , or , AxisMemberList.getTopParent behaving weird

Pedro Alves pmgalves at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 15:33:58 EDT 2012

In pentaho master:

The query:

SELECT NON EMPTY [Browsers].[Major].Members ON COLUMNS,
[Locations].[Location].Members ON ROWS FROM [Market Share]

does 230 sql queries, one for each member of locations.location.

SELECT NON EMPTY [Store].[Store Country].Members ON COLUMNS,
[Product].[Product Name].Members ON ROWS FROM [Warehouse]

on steelwheels does not.

After a day of debugging, I traced the issue to 
AxisMemberList.getTopParent that's called from AxisMemberList.mergeMember.

On foodmart, every [Product].[Product Name] member has [Product].[All 
Products] as the getTopParent.

On mine, every location has itself as the top parent, resulting in an 
axisMembers (on RolapResults) with 230 elements. Foodmart example has 
only 2 ([Store].[All Stores],[Products].[All Products])

What am I missing? What causes the getTopParent to return null?


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