[Mondrian] Eigenbase perforce change 14761 for review

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Mon Nov 14 14:13:30 EST 2011

On Nov 14, 2011, at 10:44 AM, Luc Boudreau wrote:

> http://p4web.eigenbase.org/@md=d&c=6PU@/14761?ac=10
> Change 14761 by lucboudreau at luc-mondrian-3.2 on 2011/11/14 10:43:07
> 	MONDRIAN: Changes the 3.3.1 branch build number.


Oops. We both created branches with a similar purpose.

For now, can we go with my branch, mondrian-release/pacino?

We can use your branch if and when the code is actually released as 3.3.1. 


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