[Mondrian] RowsetDefinition.java - possible minor bug

Michele Rossi michele.rossi at gmail.com
Sat May 21 05:08:31 EDT 2011

my implementation of Member didn't have toString() returning getUniqueName(). 

In general I think such constraint is hard to enforce.

And this affects the xmla support which relies solely on olap4j.

So I think many similar situations will start to be flagged as people plug their own olap4j implementations into the xmla servlet.


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On 21 May 2011, at 01:47, Julian Hyde <jhyde at pentaho.com> wrote:

> Generally Member.toString() is equivalent to getUniqueName(). If there are any subclasses where this is not the case, let me know. Otherwise I don't consider this a bug.
> Julian
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> Subject: [Mondrian] RowsetDefinition.java - possible minor bug
> Hi,
> if you look at line 4527 of RowsetDefinition.java (mondrian.xmla.RowsetDefinition) you will see
> row.set(DefaultMember.name, hierarchy.getDefaultMember());
> which I think should be
> row.set(DefaultMember.name, hierarchy.getDefaultMember().getUniqueName());
> The current implementation is calling toString() on the default member so it only works if toString() is the same as getUniqueName().
> thanks,
> Michele
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