[Mondrian] Mondrian, Hive with Foodmart support

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Fri May 20 19:48:54 EDT 2011

HiveDialect was added in change 14118 (2011/2/13). I don't think it has made
it into a release yet, but you can pull and build from perforce and try it


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Subject: [Mondrian] Mondrian, Hive with Foodmart support

Does anyone have any insight on connecting Mondrian to a hive database via
JDBC particularly with foodmart?  There are a few JIRAs (ex.  PDI-4355) and
mentions of the support but it is not clear what version it's support is in
and if it is fully committed into any version now.  It seems the HIVE
dialect does not exist in any of the versions that I see.  When connecting
via workbench I am getting an error on the load of the schema...method not

Any insight or help would be appreciated. 

using Mondrian, Hive 0.7.0  



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