[Mondrian] mondrian dev in eclipse

Michele Rossi m.rossi at iontrading.com
Thu Mar 24 05:43:01 EDT 2011

is there a sort of cheat sheet somewhere to help getting started developing
on mondrian using eclipse?

Is it possible to reach a situation whereby eclipse sees the project as
correctly built and it finds references to the generated java classes?

If so what happens when eclipse decides to rebuild the project?
I guess without an integration with the ant class file generation the
project will break again.

Also I assume mondrian a Java 1.5 project?
Why can it not be build using JDK 1.6?

Apologies if I am asking obvious questions.




*Michele Rossi*

Via San Martino, 52, 56125 Pisa, ITALY
T: +39 050 220 3894
m.rossi at iontrading.com
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