[Mondrian] xmla over olap4j server

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Mon Mar 14 17:31:47 EDT 2011


Erik   VanIngen  wrote: 
 I am about to integrate Mondrian in my SDMX project and I came across this
message. I would vote for the use of Maven in the Mondrian project. The
advantages are huge like little build configuration files (convention over
configuration), excellent integration in IDE's and Continuous Integration
servers and so on. 

Best I can say is the following. I have noted the enthusiasm for Maven in
our community. We will consider Maven as an option next time there is a need
& opportunity to change our build system. For now, our build system works,
doesn't require a lot of maintenance, and does a lot of useful stuff that we
don't want to have to re-build.
Meantime, as Tom also pointed out, Maven projects can use Mondrian and
olap4j (and other Pentaho libraries) because we deploy components to a
Maven-compatible repository.
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