[Mondrian] xmla over olap4j server

Michele Rossi m.rossi at iontrading.com
Thu Mar 3 03:46:19 EST 2011

first all of thanks a lot for all your efforts on Mondrian and OLAP4J -
we're using both and they are working fantastically for us.

We have built our own OLAP4J driver for our internal system and we'd like to
use the feature described here by Julian Hyde:

What is the status of the work in this area?
I think that the ideal solution would be a webapp configurable with the
details of the OLAP4J driver / URL to connect to.

Unfortunately I am not at liberty to contribute to open source projects
during my working hours but I could think about doing it in my free time.

In that case we'd have a discussion about it and agree broadly on the

What do you think about the above?

What perforce branch should I look at for those changes?
Is mondrian_release/3.2 the correct location?

thanks a lot,
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