[Mondrian] Proposed extension to Mondrian ACL

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Tue Mar 1 13:44:44 EST 2011

> Guy wrote:
> I recently read JIRA-4992 (As a developer, I wish to use 
> Mondrian dynamic roles across the whole platform) created by 
> Ricardo Pires. As I've been plagued by this for a while, I've 
> added my 2 cents and would appreciated people's input.
> I've added a few comments to the JIRA, and it's my opinion 
> that this may be solved entirely within Mondiran. The 
> solution essentially provides us with a hook into Mondrian 
> allowing us to affect the roles. The source of, and 
> implementation of, the Mondrian roles could be left to the 
> customer - for Mondrian, job done.

I agree. I have added some comments about how we might achieve this -- in
short, a "pentaho olap4j driver" -- in the jira case.



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