[Mondrian] mondrian.xsd differences

van der Werf, Guy guy.vanderwerf at wirecard.com
Wed Jun 8 05:15:05 EDT 2011

I refer to "//perforce.eigenbase.org/svn/trunk/open/mondrian/lib/mondrian.xsd". This contains no annotations. Just to clarify: I mean the "Annotations" and "Annotation" nodes e.g. under Schema, and the "Description" attribute e.g. under Schema.

Please refer to "...\design-tools\schema-workbench\lib\mondrian.xsd" as released in the BI Suite 3.8. This clearly is not the same file and contains more nodes and attributes. Search for '<xsd:element name="Annotations"' for example. This element is used by the EE Analyzer, so it's definitely valid, but it's clear that the two XSDs are maintained separately. I don't mind assisting to re-sync, but who decides which is the master?


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Luc added annotations in //open/mondrian-release/3.2/lib/mondrian.xsd#2.
That change was integrated to the main line, and it seems that //open/mondrian/lib/mondrian.xsd and //open/mondrian-release/3.2/mondrian/lib/mondrian.xsd are identical.

You mention 'trunk'. Where are you getting the source code? The primary source code is in perforce.

However, mondrian.xsd is not actively maintained, so it tends to drift out of sync with the grammar (as defined by src/main/mondrian/olap/Mondrian.xml). Contributions are always welcome if the .xsd is out of sync with the .xml.


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