[Mondrian] mondrian.xsd differences

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Tue Jun 7 13:22:21 EDT 2011

Luc added annotations in //open/mondrian-release/3.2/lib/mondrian.xsd#2.
That change was integrated to the main line, and it seems that
//open/mondrian/lib/mondrian.xsd and
//open/mondrian-release/3.2/mondrian/lib/mondrian.xsd are identical.

You mention 'trunk'. Where are you getting the source code? The primary
source code is in perforce.

However, mondrian.xsd is not actively maintained, so it tends to drift out
of sync with the grammar (as defined by
src/main/mondrian/olap/Mondrian.xml). Contributions are always welcome if
the .xsd is out of sync with the .xml.


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