[Mondrian] mondrian.xsd differences

van der Werf, Guy guy.vanderwerf at wirecard.com
Tue Jun 7 07:31:35 EDT 2011

I have analyzed some work based on the file “mondrian- mondrian.xsd”. I then compared it with “trunk/lib/mondrian.xsd at HEAD” and found several changes – some of which are important to my previous analysis.

To summarize the changes, it seems that description attributes and annotation nodes have been removed. A cross-reference with “design-tools/schema-workbench/lib/mondrian.xsd” found in the BI Suite EE 3.8 shows that it contains the description attributes and annotation nodes.
i.e. “trunk/lib/mondrian.xsd at HEAD” appears wrong (or at least incomplete).

Can anyone please explain the anomaly? Which file is correct?

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