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Fri Jul 15 20:37:27 EDT 2011

Hi guys,
I am new to Mondrian, and first let me say, really sweet concept, leveraging
this whole hypercube model for analytics. Also, nice, apt name. :) So I have
a question that I hope someone can help me with. I have a fact table of
product sales which I'm extracting dimensions from. These products belong to
categories, which is represented in a separate table product_categories
which has two columns, product_id and category_id.

I would like to have 'categories' as a dimension in the cube as well, but
I'm not sure how to achieve this since it's not in the fact table (only
product_id is in the fact table, along with the sales, prices, dates etc.).
Also since it is a "dependent" dimension in the sense that a product id
uniquely determines the values of the "category" axis, it doesn't seem right
to modify the fact table to include category_id. I think I am looking for
something like this:

<table = ?>
use key product_id in sales_fact_table and maybe do some kind of join or use
the corresponding category_id's in the product_categories table

Help would be appreciated!

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