[Mondrian] DynamicDatasourcesXmlaServlet

Patrick Leckey patl at seewind.com
Fri Jul 15 15:11:14 EDT 2011


We're working with the latest 3.2-SNAPSHOT in a testing environment and noticed that the DynamicDatasourcesXmlaServlet no longer works, while the one in did.

Delving into the source, a lot has changed in this area.  Background scheduling the updates so it doesn't use up time on each request - tres cool.  Hugely useful for us.

However, I noticed in both DynamicContentFinder and FileRepository, where the scheduled executions are setup, both thread pools are being initialized with a pool size of 0 - so the background threads never actually get executed, and thus the datasource never gets checked for changes.

In our testing environment I set both thread pools to initialize the pool size to 1 instead, and now everything seems to work beautifully.

I'm just curious if this functionality was disabled for a reason I haven't hit yet, or if this was merely an oversight?

Testing environment is:
- CentOS 5.6
- Tomcat 5.5.23
- OpenJDK 1.6_21


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