[Mondrian] Mondrian dependency with eigenbase-resgen

Josh Chappelle jchappelle at 4redi.com
Thu Jul 7 16:52:29 EDT 2011


I have added the mondrian dependency in my maven pom file like this.


It looks like it depends on eigenbase-resgen because one line of our code
looks like MondrianProperties.instance().put(...) and the compiler is
complaining about it missing required .class files. I would have expected
maven to just discover all dependencies and pull what it needed but that
wasn't the case.

I have noticed the mondrian team uses ivy for dependency management which I
know nothing about so forgive me if this is a stupid question. Shouldn't
this jar be added as a dependency of the mondrian.jar file? Or is maven just
not smart enough to pick it up because it is ivy?


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