[Mondrian] Dynamic roles

van der Werf, Guy guy.vanderwerf at wirecard.com
Tue Jul 5 09:31:11 EDT 2011

Hi all,

With reference to Jira BISERVER-4992, I would like ask a question regarding caching in Mondrian.
Using Pentaho 3.8, I’ve extended “MDXConnection” to allow setting a custom role (extends RoleImpl) that is configured depending on reference metadata held in an existing authorization data source. This works as planned, but caching is a problem, and I wondering if anyone could shed some light on possible caching strategies. I should add that I do not use a dynamic schema processor in this solution.

I have 1 solution so far. I switch schema cache off in the catalog, and set “UseSchemaPool=false” in “DataSourceInfo” in “datasources.xml”. To ensure the same cache behavior (i.e. effectively none) in schemas not in “datasources.xml”, I could set this in the connection properties too (but that’s not done yet). The result is: I have no useful caching and performance in dashboards is noticeably pathetic.

So… does anyone have experience in Mondrian caching when dynamically changing the role, but not the schema xml?


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