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Julian Hyde julianhyde at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 00:05:45 EST 2011

Happy new year, mondrian developers.

I thought I'd drop y'all a note about mondrian releases, the code branches
these releases are being developed on, and the state of those branches.

The mondrian-3.2.x release series is being developed on the
//open/mondrian-release/3.2 branch. mondrian-3.2.1 is the current stable
release, and mondrian-3.2.2, mondrian-3.2.3 etc. will we bug-fix releases.
The only changes that should be made here are bug-fixes that do not change
public APIs or pose a risk of destabilizing the code line.

The mondrian-3.3 release series is on the main branch, //open/mondrian.
Mondrian-3.3 will have some new features such as pluggable caching (other
features TBD), and these will be made on this branch. We have also been
making architectural changes such as my recent change 14037 to combine the
representations of lists of members and lists of tuples.

mondrian-4.0 is the next major release and there will be significant changes
to the API and schema format. Some general themes is an "attribute-oriented
OLAP" model, allowing cubes to have measure-groups, thereby making virtual
cubes unnecessary, and a physical schema as part of each schema definition,
defining each join path only once. This work is a big refactoring of the
code, so is occurring on a branch off the main line called
//open/mondrian-release/lagunitas. (It isn't really a release, but it was
convenient to use '//open/mondrian-release' as a root directory.) When that
code is sufficiently stable, we will integrate it onto the main line and
make release 4.0 from the main line.

I have just integrated all recent changes from //open/mondrian-release/3.2
to //open/mondrian. I did it in in three tranches (changes 14041, 14042,
14043), in case we have problems integrating a lot of changes to
//open/mondrian-release/lagunitas. This means that it should be easier to
move code between main line and mondrian-3.2 branch if we decide we need to.

I'm pleased to say that //open/mondrian-release/3.2 and //open/mondrian
branches are both passing all regression tests.
//open/mondrian-release/lagunitas is failing a lot of tests (I haven't
counted how many recently) but that's to be expected.

Someone usually asks about timescales for releases... and as usual the
answer is 'I don't know'. Here are my best guesses. There will be
mondrian-3.2.x releases every couple of months until mondrian-3.3 comes out.
We hope to release mondrian-3.3 in the first half of 2011. I'd hope to get
mondrian-4 to beta about the same time, and production 4-6 months after
that, but as ever with 'holy grail' releases, it keeps slipping because we
need to work on more mundane releases.

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