[Mondrian] How to identify Dimensions of cube which are notselected in any axes yet

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Mon Jan 3 13:04:57 EST 2011

You probably should be working with hierarchies, not dimensions, since these
days you can place different hierarchies of the same dimension on axes.
First form a set of all hierarchies in the cube. (Iterate over
Cube.getDimensions() and Dimension.getHierarches().)
Then iterate over
CellSet.getCellSetMetadata().getAxesMetaData().getHierarchies() and remove
them from the set of all hierarchies.


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in any axes yet

  Could anyone suggest a good way to identify the Dimensions of cube which
are not selected in any axes yet.

i.e SELECT dim1 on columns,
     dim2 on rows
     from [CUBE1]
     where dim3

   Assume the cube has 5 dimensions, namely

  After parsing the query, I would like to get the list of dimensions which
are not used in the query yet. So that I can get a list of dimensions which
can be presented in GUI and the selected value of those dimensions can be
added to the query. Thanks in Advance.


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