[Mondrian] Pentaho Aggregation Designer - Issues and Observations

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Both of our observations sound like bugs. Can you please log a jira case for
However, I can't promise that we will fix the issues.


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Hello Dev Community,
                            I have 2 more observations, this time with
reference to the creation of Aggregate Tables feature of the Pentaho
Enterprise 3.6 Aggregation Designer application.
I created a sample Retails Sales Cube with 3 dimensions viz " Product ;
Geography and Time " and 1 Fact Table with 2 Measures "Amount and Quantity"
The Time dimension has the Levels : Year - Quarter - Month - Day  for the
hierarchy created.
Observation 1:
When selecting the Aggregation Level for Quarter, I get the below given
Aggregation Table Structure which is not correct as the granularity over
here is at Day and the data would be grouped for [ "vw_time_day_of_month"
,"vw_time_Month" , "vw_time_Quarter" ]

CREATE TABLE "Retail_Product_Sa_1" (

    "vw_time_day_of_month" text,

    "vw_time_Month" text,

    "vw_time_Quarter" text,

    "sales_Total_Sales_Volume" DOUBLE,

    "sales_Total_Sales" DOUBLE,

    "sales_Fact_Count" INTEGER,

    "sales_fact_count" INTEGER);

I was expecting the Grain would be Quarter and the data grouped on
["vw_time_Year" ,"vw_time_Quarter" ]
Observation 2:
I am using the GreenPlum SNE version . So when I click on Execute the "Table
script created above" it fails as "DOUBLE" datatype is not supported.
Please let me know your comments on the above observations.
Also I am awaiting your comments for the Jira raised a few days back :
Reference URL 
Request some update on this front.
Thank you

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