[Mondrian] adding parameters in mdx:

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i need information on how to add parameters in mdx query which is used in
pentaho report designer to allow the user to choose the values which i have
been passed through parameters.

i tried the query by adding parameter() function in where clause but it is
not showing any result.
In some blogs i have seen like ${PARAM}.but it is not getting.

i have tried like this in where clause.My query is

select [Measures].[Tried] on columns,
[Product].[ProductName].Members on rows
from [PCube]
where(strToMember(Parameter("tmonth",STRING,"[Time].[All Years].[2]")))

My requirement is to generate the reports by monthly based.when the enduser
selects the month by using Month parameter then it will displays the report
according to months.

when i am executing this query i am getting only the product names. it not
displaying the Measures column and parameter which i have passed is not

Is my query is correct.

Please help me in this.
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