[Mondrian] RE: Eigenbase perforce change 14124 for review

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Tue Feb 15 14:57:23 EST 2011

> Julian Hyde wrote:
> http://p4web.eigenbase.org/@md=d&c=6PU@/14124?ac=10
> Change 14124 by jhyde at jhyde.marmalade4 on 2011/02/15 11:32:18
> 	MONDRIAN: Refactor Hive support to reduce reliance on
> 	    hacks and explicit references to the Hive dialect, and make
> 	    of 'FROM-JOIN-ON' a more mainstream facility.  I removed code
such as
> 	    stripFunctions; I haven't tested on Hive, so my apologies if I
> 	    broken something.
> 	    Oracle dialect now generates 'FROM-JOIN-ON' by default
(controlled by
> 	    Dialect.allowsJoinOn), and that should give us better test
coverage of
> 	    the new code. Other dialects could too, in principle. (Depends
> 	    databases' query optimizers would tend to produce better or
> 	    queries if that syntax is used instead of FROM-WHERE. One would
> 	    that they would produce the same plan.)

In change 14124, I have refactored the Hive support contributed by Fu
Hongwei. I don't have a Hive instance to test against, so it's possible that
I broke something; if so, I apologise. But this refactoring makes support
for ANSI-style JOIN syntax more mainstream, so we'll be less likely to
accidentally break it in future.

See my checkin comments for more information.


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