[Mondrian] Infobright Distinct Count

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.com
Thu Feb 10 11:05:44 EST 2011

> Tom wrote:
> I ran the test suite in its current suite through InfoBright 
> and attached the log. 
> Excuse my mornic understanding, but if I run the test suite 
> as is, doesn't it run with the current IB dialect and prove 
> nothing? :)

You'd be testing against a version of Infobright that we haven't tested
against before.

This is particularly important for DialectTest, which tests that if the
dialect says a database CAN'T do a particular thing, then the database gives
an error confirming that it can't. So, if a future version of the database
improves, the test will fail,  indicating that we can use that feature.

Looking at the test output, 3 failures is pretty good. The collation test is
a minor concern; probably the dialect needs to be fixed, but only really a
concern if you are sorting sets with null values of measures.


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