[Mondrian] PAGES axis, and attribute hierarchies

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>> a method "Hierarchy Level.getAttributeHierarchy()". Would that be sufficient to allow analyzer to decompose hierarchies?

I think this interface would need to return a list of Hierarchies since a single attribute can participate in many hierarchies.  Suppose we get back a list of hierarchies, how would we know which level in the hierarchy does the current attribute level correspond with?  From a metadata perspective, a member needs to be able to identify its dimension (Product), attribute (SKU), hierarchy (SKU attribute vs Product Hierarchy) and hierarchy level.  In Mondrian 3.3, a member really only knows its hierarchy and hierarchy level.  There's no link to tell us that levels in different hierarchies are the same attribute.  In Mondrian 4, the client would need to know this information.

>From a client perspective, if the user changes from an attribute hierarchy into another multi-level hierarchy, many things will need to happen.  First, the hierarchy level MDX would change from for example, [Product-SKU].[SKU] to [Product-Hierarchy].[SKU].  Second, the MDX members now have to become fully qualified in the new hierarchy.  For example, [Product-SKU].[SKU-XYZ] to [Product-Hierarchy].[ManufactureX].[DeptY].[FamilyZ].[SKU-XYZ].  At any point in time, the user is not allowed to put levels from the same hierarchy on different axis but they may put attributes of the same level but different hierarchies on different axis.

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I have opened this up the mondrian-dev list, as I think it gets to the core of the "attribute-oriented analysis" issue. Hope you don't mind.

See reponses inline.

 [If analyzer supported a 3rd 'PAGES' axis, users would] want to split levels from the same hierarchy across axis. For example, in the Product Hierarchy, I want Product Family on the Page axis and Product Dept on the Rows axis.  I don't think we can do this with Mondrian 3.3.
It's not just the PAGES axis. If you have 3 years' data to display, sometimes it's nice to put years on columns and months on rows. It's more compact, and data for the same month in different years appears side-by-side.

You can do a lot of this stuff manually in mondrian 3.3. You can create a {Product] dimension with a [Product] hierarchy consisting of levels [Manufacturer], [Dept], [Family], [SKU], and single-level "attribute hierarchies" [Manufacturer], [Dept] etc.

There is currently no mapping between the Dept level of the product hierarchy and the Dept attribute hierarchy. But let's suppose there was: a method "Hierarchy Level.getAttributeHierarchy()". Would that be sufficient to allow analyzer to decompose hierarchies?

Note that the schema designer would have had to create those attribute hierarchies, and mondrian would have to deduce the mapping somehow.
Will this be possible with Mondrian 4.0?
Yes, Mondrian 4.0 will allow you to define 'attributes' in your schema. It will be easy to create a hierarchy for an attribute. In fact, it will have its own hierarchy unless you set "hasHierarchy=false" in the attribute definition.

And, when you define a hierarchy, you will just say "I want level X based on attribute A, level Y based on attribute B". You've already done the work defining keys, sort keys, properties when you define attributes.

I don't know yet how to expose the mapping. But I note that XMLA's MDSCHEMA_LEVELS rowset has a LEVEL_ATTRIBUTE_HIERARCHY_NAME column. That maps nicely to the getAttributeHierarchy method above.
The SQL generation will also need to be smart enough to know that both these levels come from the same dimension so there should be only one join to the underlying dimension table.
It should already be smart enough. (Even if you define the single-level hierarchies manually.) Please log a bug if it isn't.

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