[Mondrian] olap4j xmla driver and XmlaExtra

Michele Rossi michele.rossi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 04:33:21 EDT 2011

hi Julian,

I've not tried to call unwrap(XmlaExtra.class) on an XmlaOlap4jConnection.
> This would only happen if you are building an XMLA server as a proxy to
> another XMLA server. That's not wrong, but it's not a use case I've tested.

That's exactly what I am doing to test the updated xmla-over-olap4j work.
I am pointing the olap4j driver an another classic mondrian installation
running Foodmart.

> The "correct" thing to do would be to implement an XmlaExtra that gets the
> necessary information from the underlying XMLA server. It would be
> straightforward to implement that class, but I can see that it would
> introduce some awkward dependencies (olap4j xmla driver would depend on
> mondrian xmla server -- yuck).

I am not sure I understand how to proceed here, I will have to look at it in
more detail.

> I think it would be OK if XmlaHandler.getExtra returned an XmlaExtraImpl if
> connection.unwrap(XmlaExtra.class) threw a SQLException. It should log the
> exception first, though.
> Julian


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> Hi,
> org.olap4j.driver.xmla.XmlaOlap4jConnection's "unwrap" throws an exception
> if you try to unwrap a XmlaExtra from it.
> I am not sure that's the correct behaviour since it makes
> method mondrian.xmla.XmlaHandler.getExtra(OlapConnection) fail too rather
> than making it default to XmlaExtraImpl.
> Any thoughts?
> thanks,
> Michele
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