[Mondrian] Parallelization of MDX queries in mondrian using OpenCL

Abhishek Sharma spyzer.abhishek0 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 01:24:46 EDT 2011

Hello everyone,

Previously I was discussing about introducing parallelism into Mondrian code
specifically GPGPU computing. Sorry but I lost touch to the community for a
while coz of some personal work. I have a question. When I went through
Mondrian's documentation I found out that most of the work of *backend* is
carried out by database manager itself rather mondrian. And to be precise
GPGPU computing can only scale up calculations. So is there  calculation
based code in Mondrian as well?? Also when I was going through the API
documentation it was pretty hard to locate as in which class might be using
which smaller or fundamental class for its functionalities. Because for
parallelization we need to find out the "hotspots" of code where most of the
processing takes place and then there is one more question that whether that
hotspot has calculations in it. So those calculations can be carried out
parallely (if possible, some codes just can't be parallelized without
changing design!!!). So locating out hotspot can crucial areas can be made
easier if we have a "class diagram", so is there any such class diagram
which I may refer to.

I would like to ask the senior developers of mondrian about the above
mentioned state. If mondrian's code in itself involves no or less
calculations then I might have to target underlying RDBMS to make things
faster. Although I believe that since there is caching of data involved then
there must be some calculations going on in mondrian as well. So please
guide me about this.

Abhishek Sharma
B-Tech Information Technology
Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad

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> Thanks
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> Abhishek Sharma
> B-Tech Information Technology
> Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
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